Some papers about Haiti

  • "The MIT-Haiti Initiative: An international engagement": MIT Faculty Newsletter, Vol 29 No 1, 2016.

  • "Language, technology, and engagement in the Haitian classroom: An interim report on the MIT-Haiti Initiative," CODEE Journal 12, Article 10, 2019.

  • with Michel DeGraff and William Scott Frager, "An nou fè 2 kabès olye pou n rete nan lave men siye atè," in Le Nouvelliste, 29 August 2022, comparing the Haitian language in education policies in 1982 and 2021. Here is a loose and updated translation.

  • with Michel DeGraff and William Scott Frager, "Language policy in Haitian education: A history of conflict over the use of Kreyòl as language of instruction," Journal of Haitian Studies 28:2 (2022) 1--63.

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