Some MIT Faculty Newsletter pieces

  • "Sharing the how as well as the what of MIT education" with Eric Klopfer and Karen Willcox: MIT Faculty Newsletter, Vol 26 No 5, 2014..

  • "The MIT-Haiti Initiative: An international engagement": MIT Faculty Newsletter, Vol 29 No 1, 2016..

  • "A hole in the flag": MIT Faculty Newsletter, Vol 30 No 1, 2017..

  • "MIC": MIT Faculty Newsletter, Vol 31 No 2, 2018. A commentary on the creation of the "College of Computing."

  • "Core Values" with Catherine Drennan, Linda Griffith, and Peter Shor: MIT Faculty Newsletter, Vol 31 No 3, 2019. A response to the change of definition of the Pass/No Record grade.

  • "The Octopus": MIT Faculty Newsletter, Vol 31 No 4, 2019. A reaction to the recent spate of joint majors.

  • "The Schwartzman College of Computing, Giving Back": MIT Faculty Newsletter Vol 32 No 2, 2019.. Here is a New York Times article about Blackstone's predation, and here's a review of Aaron Glantz's book on the topic, by the same reporter, Francesca Mari.

  • "Neither Fire nor Ice", a plea for MIT leadership in regulating generative AI, MIT Faculty Newsletter Vol 35 No 4, May/June 2023.

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