Some opinion pieces

  • "Webinar on Ubai Aboudi and Palestinian Prisoners" Webinar for Samidoun, 19 April 2020. Webinar contribution

  • "Impact of the Israeli Occupation on Palestinian Science, Education, and Research," Webinar for Scientists for Palestine, 26 September 2020. Webinar contribution

  • "Conversation with Ubai Aboudi" Webinar for Scientists for Palestine, 8 November 2020. Webinar contribution and Facebook copy

  • with Assaf Kfoury, Nasser Rabat, Raid Suleiman, Franz-Josef Ulm: "The administrative detention of Ubai Aboudi," Opinion piece in the Boston Globe, 11 Dec 2019.

  • An AJ+ interview about Ubai Aboudi's arrest and detention, 20 December 2020.

  • with Ahmed Abbes, Ofer Aharony, Nir Gov, Michael Harris, Assaf Kfoury, Anat Matar, and George Smith "Legitimizing Ariel University further marginalizes Palestinian rights," Article in Times Higher Education, 11 December 2020. Preprint.

  • with Michel DeGraff and Jeffrey Tony, "Undervalued currency of culture in higher education," Webinar for Jameel World Education Laboratory, 15 October 2020.