Felix Gotti

MIT-NSF Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interest

Algebra and Combinatorics: In algebra, I am mostly interested in the study of the phenomenon of non-uniqueness of factorizations into irreducibles in integral domains and atomic monoids using techniques of combinatorics, linear algebra, and number theory. My research in combinatorics focuses on posets and matroids. I am also interested in polyhedral geometry and cluster algebras.

Selected Publications

Here is a relatively updated version of my full list of publications.

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The list of my coauthors

David F. Anderson, Nick R. Baeth, Scott T. Chapman, Anastasia Chavez, Rebecca Conaway, Jyrko Correa-Morris, Jim Coykendall, Alfred Geroldinger, Marly Gotti, Richard E. Hasenauer, Jesse Horton, Bangzheng Li, Chris O'Neill, Roberto Pelayo, Harold Polo, Mesa Pracht, William W. Smith, Salvatore Tringali, Joseph Vulakh, Brian Wissman, and Muhammad Zafrullah.