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The classpoly package provides a low-level C implementation of the algorithms to compute class polynomials that are described in the papers:

 Andrew V. Sutherland, Computing Hilbert class polynomials with the Chinese Remainder Theorem, Mathematics of Computation 80 (2011), 501-538,

 Andreas Enge and Andrew V. Sutherland, Class invariants by the CRT method, Ninth Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium (ANTS IX), Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6197 (2010), 142-156.

You are welcome to use and/or modify this software in your research provided you cite the papers above if/when you publish your work.

Portions of this software have been adapted and incorporated into Pari/GP by Hamish Ivey-Law where they can be accessed via the polclass function.

Dependencies: ffpoly, gmp

Download link: classpoly_v1.0.2.tar (1.2MB)