accessibility Modular polynomials for the classpoly software package

This page provides modular polynomials Φ(X,Y) between g(z) and g(z ⁄ ℓ) for various modular functions g(z) for primes ℓ < 200 that do not divide the level of g(z).

Each of the links below points to a compressed tarball that contains modular polynomials for a particular modular function. See Section 3 of the paper Class invariants by the CRT method for a description of each function (see Section 4.4 for the last two).

    j phi_j.tar     ɣ2 phi_g2.tar     ƒ phi_f.tar     ƒ2 phi_f2.tar     w312 phi_w3.tar     w52 phi_w5e2.tar     w56 phi_w5.tar     w74 phi_w7.tar     w132 phi_w13.tar     w2,3 phi_w2w3e1.tar     w2,32 phi_w2w3e2.tar     w2,312 phi_w2w3.tar     w3,3 phi_w3w3e1.tar     w3,32 phi_w3w3e2.tar     w3,36 phi_w3w3.tar     w2,5 phi_w2w5e1.tar     w2,52 phi_w2w5e2.tar     w2,56 phi_w2w5.tar     w2,7 phi_w2w7e1.tar     w2,72 phi_w2w7e2.tar     w2,74 phi_w2w7.tar     w2,13 phi_w2w13e1.tar     w2,132 phi_w2w13.tar     w3,5 phi_w3w5e1.tar     w3,53 phi_w3w5.tar     w3,7 phi_w3w7e1.tar     w3,72 phi_w3w7.tar     w3,13 phi_w3w13.tar     w5,7 phi_w5w7.tar     A3 phi_a3.tar     A5 phi_a5.tar     A7 phi_a7.tar     A11 phi_a11.tar     A13 phi_a13.tar     A17 phi_a17.tar     A19 phi_a19.tar     A23 phi_a23.tar     A29 phi_a29.tar     A31 phi_a31.tar     A41 phi_a41.tar     A47 phi_a47.tar     A59 phi_a59.tar     A71 phi_a71.tar     t phi_t.tar     t2 phi_t2.tar