Representations of reductive groups
A conference dedicated to David Vogan on his 60th birthday

MIT, Room 10-250, May 19 - May 23, 2014

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Organized by: MIT

Organizing committee: R. Bezrukavnikov (MIT), P. Etingof (MIT), G. Lusztig (MIT), M. Nevins (Ottawa), P. Trapa (Utah)


The conference will address recent developments in the representation theory of reductive Lie groups and algebraic groups over finite and local fields, as well as connections of this theory with other subjects, such as number theory, automorphic forms, algebraic geometry and combinatorics. It will be an occasion to celebrate the 60th birthday of David Vogan, who has inspired and shaped the development of this field for almost 40 years.


P. Achar (Louisiana State)
J. Adams (Maryland)
J. Arthur (Toronto)
J. Bernstein (Tel Aviv)
D. Ciubotaru (Utah)
S. DeBacker (Michigan)
M. Duflo (Paris 7)
M. Geck (Stuttgart)
B. Gross (Harvard)
X. He (HKUST/Maryland)
J.-S. Huang (HKUST)
T. Kobayashi (Tokyo)

B. Kostant (MIT)
G. Lusztig (MIT)
W. M. McGovern (Washington)
D. Shelstad (Rutgers)
W. Schmid (Harvard)
W. Soergel (Freiburg)
P. Trapa (Utah)
A. Venkatesh (Stanford)
J.-L. Waldspurger (Paris 7)
N. Wallach (UCSD)
G. Williamson (Max Planck)

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