18.787 - Topics in Number Theory (Fall 2012)



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[Lan] Lan, Arithmetic Compactifications of PEL-type Shimura varieties

[Mes] Messing, The crystals associatd to Barsotti-Tate groups

[Mil1] Milne, Abelian Varieties (in "Arithmetic Geometry", Springer)

[Mil2] Milne, Abelian Varieties (course notes)

[Mil3] Milne, Complex Multiplication

[Mil4] Milne, The Fundamental Theorem of Complex Multiplication

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[MW] Milne and Waterhouse, Abelian Varieties over Fintie Fields

[Mum] Mumford, Abelian Varieties, TIFR

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[Stacks] Stacks project: Varieties