Nike Sun
nsun at mit dot edu
2-432, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

Hello! I am an associate professor at MIT Mathematics, on leave from Berkeley Statistics.
I am interested in probability theory and statistical physics.

(2016-2018) UC Berkeley (Assistant Professor, Statistics).
(2014-2015) MSR New England and MIT Mathematics (Schramm Fellow).
(2010-2014) Stanford University (Ph.D. Statistics, advised by Amir Dembo).
(2009-2010) University of Cambridge (M.A.St. Mathematics).
(2005-2009) Harvard University (B.A. Mathematics, M.A. Statistics).

Spring 2019: 18.125 Measure Theory and Analysis, MW 9:30-11 at 2-142.
Fall 2018: 18.177 Topics in Stochastic Processes, MW 9:30-11 at 2-131.
Fall 2017: Math218a/Stat205a Probability Theory.
Fall 2017: Stat155 Game Theory.
Fall 2016: Stat134 Concepts of Probability.

Advances in Asymptotic Probability, Stanford Dec. 13-17 2018, in honor of Amir Dembo's 60th birthday.

Publications and preprints
(Final arXiv version matches journal version except for very minor changes.)

Capacity lower bound for the Ising perceptron.
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Spectral algorithms for tensor completion.
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Shotgun assembly of random regular graphs.
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Supercritical minimum mean-weight cycles.
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Proof of the satisfiability conjecture for large k.
[arXiv] [conference] With Jian Ding and Allan Sly. Submitted.
Conference version in proceedings of 47th STOC (2015), pp. 59-68.

Maximum independent sets on random regular graphs.
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Satisfiability threshold for random regular NAE-SAT.
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On the asymptotics of dimers on tori.
[arXiv] [journal] With Richard W. Kenyon and David B. Wilson.
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Conformally invariant scaling limits in planar critical percolation.
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