Changjian Su (Columbia), Quantum cohomology of cotangent bundle of G/P

The quantum connection for the Springer resolution is identified with Cherednik's affine Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov connection by Braverman, Maulik and Okounkov. For a parabolic subgroup P, I will talk about how to compute the quantum connection of T^*(G/P) using stable basis constructed by Maulik and OKounkov, confirming a conjecture of Braverman.

Recently, Templier and Lam proved the mirror conjecture for minuscule G/P by identifying the quantum connection, Frenkel-Gross connection and Kloosterman sheaves. I will construct a regular connection on P^1\{0,1,\infty}, an identify it with the quantum connection for T^*(G/P) when P is minuscule.