Geometric Representation Theory, 2016 - 2017

Research seminar in geometric representation theory, symplectic geometry, mathematical physics, Gromov-Witten theory, integrable systems

Location: MIT, 2-449
Time: Wednesday 5:15-6:15
Contact: Andrei NeguČ›

May 17:   Pavel Etingof (MIT), Cyclotomic Double affine Hecke algebras
May 10:   Alexander Tsymbaliuk (Simons Center), Shifted affine quantum groups and shifted Yangians
May   3:   Daniel Halpern-Leistner (Columbia), Equivariant geometry and Calabi-Yau manifolds , Note special time 5:30-6:30
Apr 26:   Fabian Haiden (Harvard), Semistability, modular lattices, and iterated logarithms, Note special time 5:30-6:30
Apr 19:   Valerio Toledano Laredo (Northeastern), Quasi-Coxeter categories, the Casimir connection and quantum Weyl groups
Apr 12:   Alexei Oblomkov (UMass Amherst), HOMFLY-PT cohomology of torus links as sheaf homology
Apr   5:   Georg Oberdieck (MIT), The Igusa cusp form conjecture
Mar 22:   Arkady Berenstein (University of Oregon), Generalized RSK
Mar 15:   Xiaomeng Xu (MIT), Stokes phenomenon, Gelfand-Zeitlin systems and quantum groups
Mar   8:   Aaron Pixton (MIT), Cycle-quasimodularity of elliptic curve invariants
Mar   1:   Tony Yue Yu (Universite Paris Sud), Counting open curves via Berkovich geometry
Feb 22:   Ivan Loseu (Northeastern), Moduli spaces of instantons in Representation theory
Feb 14:   Anton Mellit (IST Austria), Toric stratifications of character varieties, Note special day: Tuesday
Feb   8:   Michael McBreen (MIT), P=W for nodal curves
Dec   7:   Tristan Bozec (MIT), The global nilpotent cone of a curve of arbitrary genus
Nov 30:   Changjian Su (Columbia), Quantum cohomology of cotangent bundle of G/P
Nov 23:   Eric Rains (Caltech), Discrete integrable systems from noncommutative projective surfaces
Nov 16:   Gus Schrader (UC Berkeley), Quantum groups from character varieties
Nov   9:   Ivan Loseu (Northeastern), Wall crossing for quantized quiver varieties
Nov   2:   Sam Raskin (MIT), W-algebras and Whittaker categories, Note special time 5:00-6:30
Oct 26:   Andrei NeguČ› (MIT), q-W-algebras and the q-AGT-W relations via shuffle algebras, Note special time 5:30-6:30
Oct 19:   Ivan Cherednik (UNC Chapel Hill), DAHA and unibranch plane curve singularities II
Note: part I of the talk will take place in the Lie groups seminar on the same day, 4-5
Oct   5:   Ivan Danilenko (Columbia), DAHA and iterated torus links
Sep 28:   Ben Davison (IST Austria), Positivity for quantum cluster algebras
Sep 21:   Yukinobu Toda (MIT, IPMU), Gopakumar-Vafa invariants via perverse sheaves
Sep 14:   Eugene Gorsky (UC Davis), Khovanov-Rozansky homology and the flag Hilbert scheme