how to subscribe to MIT combinatorics seminar

One can easily configure many different applications (Google Calendar, Apple's iCal, Mozilla Sunbird, KOrganizer, Microsoft Outlook, BlackBerry Calendar, etc.) to automatically show the seminar schedule. You just need to subscribe to the iCalendar feed in your favorite calendar.

Google Calendar: Sign in to Google Calendar. Enter 'MIT combinatorics seminar' in 'Search Public Calendars' box. Click 'Add to Calendar.' If you want to set up automatic reminders for seminar talks (via email or mobile phone), then click the down arrow next to 'MIT Combinatorics Seminar' and pick 'Notifications.'
more help on Google Calendar

iCal on Mac OS X: Create a new calendar in iCal. Command click on the newly created calendar and pick 'Subscribe.' Enter the address and click 'Subscribe.'

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