Non-associative Algebras and Low Complexity Block Space Time Codes

Paul Wright


May 17,
refreshments at 3:45pm


We construct block space-time codes with low decoding (recognition) complexity with coherent detection at the receiver. For a given number of transmit antennas, the codes have maximum diversity and good coding gain for Rayleigh or Rician faded AWGN channels. Tradeoffs between information rate, diversity and decoder complexity are also presented. Decoding is non-iterative. These results are the best known to date with respect to code rate and decoder complexity and are applicable for arbitrary signal constellations in the complex plane.

The results are obtained by exploiting the properties of three kinds of associative and non-associative algebras:

  1. real division algebras
  2. real and complex Clifford algebras
  3. real Cayley Dickson algebras

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