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MIT Combinatorics Seminar Schedule (Spring 2007 )

  W  February 07 Sergey Norin - Reducibility for the four-color theorem and related conjectures
  W  February 14 Margaret Readdy - Affine and toric hyperplane arrangements
  F  February 16 William Martin - Some new linear inequalities for binary codes from the Terwilliger algebra
  W  February 21 Yuval Roichman - The combinatorics of the Garsia-Haiman modules for hook shapes
  F  February 23 Richard Ehrenborg - Counting pattern avoiding permutations via integral operators
  W  February 28 Dave Bayer - Graph colorings and toric algebra
  F  March 02 Jeremy Martin - Is a tree determined by its chromatic symmetric function?
  W  March 07 Vic Reiner - A quasisymmetric function for matroids
  F  March 09 Ji Li - Cartesian product of graphs and arithmetic product of species
  T  March 13 Anatoly Vershik - Positive 2-algebras and the problem on dilation of comultiplication
  W  March 14 Michelle Wachs - Topology of Rees products of posets and q-Eulerian polynomials
  F  March 16 Tom Bohman - Packing cubes in a torus
  W  March 21 Adrian Dumitrescu - Traversing a set of points with a minimum number of turns
  W  April 04 Matthew Fayers - Blocks of multipartitions
  F  April 06 Caroline Klivans - A simplicial matrix tree theorem
  F  April 13 Aaron Siegel - Misere quotients for impartial games
  W  April 18 Hajime Tanaka - Subsets with minimal width and dual width in Q-polynomial distance-regular graphs
  F  April 20 Dawei Chen - Counting covers of elliptic curves
  W  April 25 Jim Propp - A whirling tour of chip-firing and rotor-routing
  F  April 27 Akalu Tefera - On applications of WZ
  W  May 02 Einar Steingr√≠msson - Stack sorting, trees and pattern avoidance
  F  May 04 Jennifer Morse - Tableaux combinatorics of affine Schubert calculus
  F  May 11 William Martin - An introduction to cometric association schemes