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MIT Combinatorics Seminar Schedule (Spring 2006 )

  W  Feb. 15   Franco Saliola
The Face Semigroup Algebra of a Hyperplane Arrangement
  F  Feb. 17   Eric Rains
Determinantal and Pfaffian Processes
  W  Feb. 22   Seth Sullivant
Combinatorial Secant Varieties
  W  Mar. 1   Olivier Bernardi
Bijective Counting of Kreweras Walks and Loopless Triangulations
  F  Mar. 3   Amarpreet Rattan
Recent Results for Kerov's and Stanley's Character Polynomials
  W  Mar. 8   Michael Krivelevich
Positional Games
  W  Mar. 15   Thomas Zaslavsky
Inside-Out Polytopes
  W  Mar. 22   Bruce Reznick
Combinatorial Properties of the Stern Sequence
  F  Mar. 24   Oliver Johnson
Lob-Concavity and the Maximum Entropy Property of the Poisson Distribution
  F  Mar. 24   Lauren K. Williams
Tableaux Combinatorics for the Asymmetric Exclusion Process
  W  Apr. 5   Nir Halman
The Convex Dimension of a Graph
  F  Apr. 7   Joszef Balogh
Growth of Families of Hereditary Structures
  W  Apr. 12   Peter Keevash
The Hypergraph Turan Problem
  F  Apr. 14   Carsten Lange
A Loday's Realization for the Cyclohedron
  W  Apr. 19   Cristian
Generalizing the Combinatorics of Young Tableaux to Arbitrary Lie Type
  F  Apr. 21   Zhi-Wei Sun
Combinatorial Aspects of Covers of Groups by Cosets or Subgroups
  M  Apr. 24   Persi Diaconis
From Characterizations to Algorithms
  W  Apr. 26   Zoran Sunik
Thompson Monoids and Tamari Lattices
  W  May 3   Jacob Fox
Ramsey-Type Results for Intersection Graphs
  F  May 5   Richard Stanley
Alternating Permutations
  W  May 10   Tali Kaufman
Testing Triangle-Freeness in General Graphs
  W  May 17   Christophe Hohlweg
Coloring Descents and Peaks
  W  June 28   Christine Bessenrodt
On Cartan Determinants for Special Quivers with Relations