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MIT Combinatorics Seminar Schedule (Spring 2005 )

  W  February 9   Michael Mitzenmacher
The Power of Two Choices: Some Old Results and New Variations
  F  February 11   Sharad Goel
Mixing Times For Top To Bottom Shuffles
  W  February 16   Yuri Rabinovich
Local Versus Local Properties Of Metric Spaces
  F  February 18   Greg Blekherman
Convex Geometry Of Orbits
  W  February 23   Kyle Petersen
Descents, Peaks and P-Partitions
  F  October 13   Sergi Elizalde, MSRI
Inference Functions And Sequence Alignment
  W  March 2   Jonathan David Farley
Posets With The Same Number Of Order Ideals Of Each Cardinality: A Problem From Stanley's Enumerative Combinatorics
  F  March 4   Michael Shapiro
Cluster Algebras Of Finite Mutation Type
  W  March 9   James Propp
The Combinatorics Of Markoff Numbers
  F  March 11   Alexander Yong
On Smoothness And Gorensteinness Of Schubert Varieties
  W  March 16   Yuval Roichman
Statistics On Permutation Groups, Canonical Words And Pattern Avoidance
  F  March 18   Egon Schulte
Reflection Groups And Polytopes Over Finite Fields
  W  March 30   Seunghyun Seo
A Generalized Enumeration Of Labeled Trees
  F  April 1   Benny Sudakov
Dependent Random Choice And Ramsey-Turan Type Problems
  W  April 6   Lauren Williams
Bergman Complexes, Coxeter Arrangements, And Graph Associahedra
  F  April 8   Thorsten Theobald
Combinatorial Aspects Of Tropical Geometry
  W  April 13-15   Noga Alon
Simons Lectures, MIT Room 3-270, 4:30 - 5:30 PM
  W  April 20   Peter Cameron
Tutte Polynomial And Orbit Counting
  W  April 27   Derek Smith
A Family Of Configurations From Quantum Logic
  F  April 29   David Gamarnik
Applications Of The Local Weak Convergence Method To Random Graph Problems
  W  May 4   Martin Kassabov
Symmetric Groups And Expanders
  W  May 11   József Solymosi
On The Number Of Sums And Products