Imaging and Computing Seminar

Giovanni Meles , Institute of Geophysics, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland

Recent Developments in GPR Full-waveform inversion

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) full-waveform inversion is an advanced, high resolution, non-intrusive technique for mapping permittivity and conductivity distributions. GPR full-waveform inversion can be formulated as a non-linear least squares problem in which the misfit between observed and modeled data is minimized. The talk will focus on recent developments in GPR waveform imaging. Firstly, a general introduction to radar tomography will be given. Secondly, a newly developed time-domain/frequency-domain waveform imaging algorithm designed to tame the non-linearity problem associated with inverse scattering will be presented. Finally, an effective computational method of sensitivity patterns together with formal resolution and Jacobian spectral analyses for model appraisal will be discussed.