The Imaging and Computing Group (ICG) studies inverse problems related to wave scattering and high-frequency data.

The group‘s research directions include computational wave propagation, fast numerical algorithms, applied harmonic analysis, nonlinear signal processing, convex optimization, and the mathematics of sparse and separated expansions. The problems we consider are often motivated by real-life challenges in seismic and radar imaging.

We are always on the lookout for talented people to join the group!

Research Highlights

When is superresolution of sparse signals possible? We quantify regimes of stable super-resolved recovery of sparse signals from bandlimited measurements. In the case of adversarial deterministic noise of more

A scalable solver for the Helmholtz equation. We present a numerical method for the 2D high-frequency Helmholtz equation with online parallel complexity that scales sublinearly as O(N/L), where N is the number more

Convex recovery from interferometric measurements. We show a deterministic stability result for the recovery of vectors from interferometric measurements, which have important applications in model-robust more

Matrix probing: randomized fitting for the wave-equation Hessian. What can be determined about the pseudoinverse pinv(A) of a matrix A from one application of A to a vector of random entries? A more

A butterfly algorithm for synthetic aperture radar imaging. We propose what is perhaps the first O(N log N) controlled-accuracy algorithm for SAR imaging. We use the butterfly scheme, an alternative to the FFT more

Wave computation with Fourier integral operators. We propose a new time upscaling method to avoid the CFL condition for acoustic wave propagation in a smooth heterogeneous medium, by numerically representing more

News and Events

November 2016

Welcome to Niels Grobbe and Pawan Bharadwaj, new postdocs in ERL.

May 2016

Welcome to Matthias Taus and Dima Batenkov, new postdocs in the group. Check out the conference proceedings section for the group's 3 SEG abstracts this year.

October 2015

Welcome to Aime Fournier, research scientist in ERL, and to Matt Li, graduate student.


Announcing PySIT: Python Seismic Imaging Toolbox v0.5. Check

Updated, December 2016

Current Job Posting - Two postdoc positions and 3 summer intern positions. See the openings page for descriptions.