DateApr 1, 2011
Speaker Christopher Hill and Jeremy Kepner (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Lincoln Labs)
TopicPetaflops On Demand Data Superstore (PODDS)
Abstract: PODDS, the Petaflops On Demand Data Superstore will be located in New England and led by the MIT in a consortium with Boston University, Brown University, Harvard University, Northeastern University and the University of Massachusetts system. As such PODDS will be a collaboration amongst some of the world's foremost science and engineering research organizations to build a computational resource for connecting real-world, applied science and engineering challenges to high-performance computing (HPC). PODDS aims to be “the” computational resource for users with petabytes of information and corresponding level of computation. It has an architecture designed for petascale data processing and a software stack that can support, (a) traditional batch processing and (b) on-demand, quasi-realtime/interactive modes of HPC; both at petascale levels. PODDS will be a national resource for advanced research, but will also inte-grate into engineering education programs; providing an important resource for making HPC a core part of learning and thinking for the next generations of engineers, scientists and industry leaders in all disciplines, of whom many will likely study in New England.