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18.S995 Special Subject in Mathematics (Fall 2013)

Mathematical Concepts in Biology and Biological Physics

Time and Location: MWF 1 (E17-129)
Instructor: Jörn Dunkel

The lecture course aims to provide an introduction to and overview of mathe- matical concepts that are essential for the description of biological and biophysical systems. General ideas and mathematical approaches will be illustrated by means of specific examples. Topics covered will include:

  • random motions, Brownian motors, stochastic resonance
  • statistical description of polymers and fluctuation theorems
  • PDE models of structure and pattern formation
  • particle and PDE models of collective motion
  • biological networks

The course is intended for undergraduate and graduate students with a solid understanding of statistical mechanics and an interest in applications of math- ematics to biologically relevant questions. A web page with additional informa- tion about this course will be made available in September 2013. If you have any questions please contact Jörn Dunkel.





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