18.785 - Number Theory I

Lecturer: Andrew Sutherland

Office: 2-341B

Email: drew@math.mit.edu

Time and Place: MW 12:30-2, 2-135

Office Hours: T 1:30-2:30, F 9-10

Grader: Atticus Christensen (Office hours F 9-10 in 2-175)


This is the first semester of a graduate course in number theory; see the syllabus for details. The lecture notes from last year are on OCW.

Corequisite: 18.705 (Commutative Algebra).


12-12-18    The notes for Lecture 28 have been posted.

12-05-18    The notes for Lecture 27 have been posted.

12-03-18    The notes for Lecture 26 have been posted.

11-29-18    Problem Set 11 has been posted. It is due by noon on December 12 (last day of class). This problem set is worth 200 points, rather than the usual 100, and asks you to solve 2 of 4 problems. For the purposes of computing your final grade, each of the two problems you choose will be treated as a separate problem set (so if you skip one of them and it will be treated as your lowest problem set score and dropped).