Tewodros Amdeberhan


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Department of Mathematics

Cambridge, MA 02139

firstname at math dot mit dot edu

Cambrian Fan, courtesy D. Speyer.

תאודרוס   אמדברהן

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. A. Einstein.

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  • Teaching, Spring 2008: 18-304 - Seminar in discrete mathematics.
  • Teaching, Fall 2007: 18-304 - Seminar in discrete mathematics.
  • Teaching, Spring 2007: Math221 (Honors) Calc III, and Math771: Topics in Algebra - emphasis WZ Theory. Read a student's paper Positivity.
  • (Cambridge Combinatorics & Coffee Club) Combinatorics CCCC-style, Clay Math Institute (Oct 21, 2007).
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  • Some pictures with fames - J.F.Nash and also Zeilberger-Nash-others ; newly added: Richard P. Stanley; and Victor H. Moll and Lisa Fauci. (2006 Mardi Gras!)
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  • Visit my advisor's page Doron Zeilberger -a 1998 Steele Prize, 2004 Euler medalist.
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