18.904: Seminar in Topology

Monday, Wednesday, 9:30-11:00, 2-146

Office hours (2-246A): Monday, Wednesday 1:00-2:00, or by appointment.

Main reference: Ronny Brown, Topology and Groupoids

Further information:

There are 27 meetings, which we shall divide into seven chunks of (approximately) four meetings each (i.e. each chunk spanning two weeks). The first chunk will cover a review of topology; chapters one to five in the book. The next five chunks will cover chapters six to ten, respectively. The last chunk is reserved for final project presentations.
The first chunk will be presented by me, whereas all of the remaining chunks will be presented by you: everyone will give one presentation per chunk (i.e. two presentations per meeting). Remaining time at the end of each chunk will be used for communication specific material, such as classes specifically on giving presentations and writing papers.

Schedule: (subject to change)
Monday Wednesday

Sept 4
Organization, overview (Tom)
Chapter 2
Preparing a chalk talk (Susan)
Sept 9
Chapter 3
Sept 11
Chapter 4
Sept 16
Chapter 5
Sept 18
Section 6.1 (Sloan)
Section 6.2 (Yixuan)
Sept 23
Section 6.3 (Tom)
Section 6.4 (Ramya)
Sept 25
Section 6.5 (Daniela)
Section 6.6 (Lara)
Sept 30
Section 6.7 (Sam)
Presenting workshop (Susan)
Oct 2
Section 7.1 (Yixuan)
No second presentation.
Oct 7
Section 7.2 (Lara)
Section 7.3 (Sloan)
Oct 9
Quick thoughts on choosing a project (Susan)
Section 7.4 (Daniela)
Section 7.5 (Sam)
Oct 14
Oct 16
Section 7.6 (Ramya)
Start chunk 4
Section 8.1 (Sloan)
Final project topic due by Sunday
Oct 21

Writing workshop (Susan)
Oct 23

Section 8.2 (Daniela)
Section 8.3 (Yixuan)
Oct 28

Section 9.1 (Sam)
free slot
Oct 30

Section 8.4 (Lara)
Section 9.2 (Ramya)
Final project first draft due by Sunday
Nov 4

Start chunk 5
Section 10.1 (Sam)
Section 10.2 (Tom)
Nov 6

Section 10.3 (Sloan)
Section 10.4 (Dani)
Nov 11
Nov 13

Section 10.5
Section 10.6
Final project final draft due by Sunday
Nov 18

Section 10.7 (Lara)
Section 10.8 (Ramya)
Nov 20

Start chunk 6
Section 11.1 (Sloan)
Section 11.2 (Sam)
Nov 25

peer review of final project drafts
possible free slot
Nov 27

Section 11.3 (Lara)
Section 11.4 (Dani)
Dec 2

Section 11.5
Section 11.6 (Ramya)
Dec 4

Start chunk 7
Final project presentation: Lara
Final project presentation: Sloan
Dec 9

Final project presentation: Ramya
Dec 11

Final project presentation: Dani
Final project presentation: Sam
Final paper due