Steven G. Johnson

Professor of Applied Mathematics and Physics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
stevenj ατ math døt mit døt edu, MIT Room 2-345 (map), 617-253-4073
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Nanostructures and Computation



photograph of Steven G. Johnson

Research Interests

Read about the other members of our research group.

We also have close collaborations with various experimental and theoretical groups at MIT and elsewhere; see also the Ab Initio Physics Group at MIT.


See the list of our publications (along with abstracts and, in most cases, the papers in PDF format) to find out what we have been up to. We may also have a few preprints available online. (See also other publications from the ab-initio group.) We also have a new textbook on the basic ideas behind some of our research:


I received my Ph.D. in physics from MIT in 2001, as well as BS degrees in physics, mathematics, and computer science from MIT in 1995, with post-doctoral positions at MIT and Harvard. My Ph.D. thesis was published as a book by Kluwer in 2002 (sans color, unfortunately); you can read the introduction online. I grew up in St. Charles, Illinois and attended high school at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA).

My curriculum vitae is also online, but may not be up to date.



Embarrassing old photos here, newer ones here, and the latest ones here. I've recently taken up guitar with Sam Davis and recorder with John Tyson. My daughter and I make silly songs together.