Here are two poems I wrote for quantum computing skeptics.
    Poems for Quantum Computing Skeptics

                       Peter Shor

                     1. Plethora

Quantum computers may at first sight seem
To be impossible. How dare we dream
Of solving problems that else would take more time
Than has passed since the primeval Big Bang!

But is there any reason to believe
The universe computes the way we do?
Nature is profligate with galaxies.
Why shouldn’t her extravagance hold true
For other things? Why mightn’t she achieve
Prodigious feats of computation, too.

                        2. Hubris

Is it not blasphemous of us to hope
That all of Nature, in her boundless scope,
Can be encapsulated by the voltage on a chip?

If we believe that God cannot create
A universe that's too complex for us to simulate,
That God’s great handiwork cannot have more computing power
Than do our jury-rigged contraptions, how are
We not thereby disparaging his divine craftsmanship?