Potential list of topics/lectures

A very preliminary and partial list of possible topics. My plan is to have somebody lecture on prefix codes and the Kraft inequality on Wendsday, Feb. 14, somebody lecture on Shannon's second theorem on Friday, Feb. 16, and somebody lecture on Huffman codes and maybe adaptive Huffman codes on Monday Feb. 19, and then various topics in source coding for the few lectures after that, depending on how much interest there is in the topic. After that we continue on to Shannon's Second Theorem and channel coding, and then to other information theory topics

Source Coding

Channel Coding

  • Shannon's theorem
  • Reverse Shannon theorem
  • converse to Shannon theorem
  • The Gilbert-Varshamov bound
  • Sparse graph codes and message-passing (probably two lectures)
  • Continuous channels

    Information theory and statistical inference

    Mathematical axioms for entropy and its uniqueness

    Stock portfolios and information theory

    Rate distortion theory

    Kolmogorov complexity

    Vector quantization?