(abbreviated version)

Richard P. Stanley

         Professor of Applied Mathematics Emeritus,
         Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Arts and Sciences Distinguished Scholar, University of Miami


                 California Institute of Technology     B.S.     1966

Harvard University Ph.D. 1971

                 1965-1969               Research Scientist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 
                                           Pasadena, CA (summers)

1968-1970 Teaching Assistant, Harvard University

1970-1971 C.L.E. Moore Instructor of Mathematics, M.I.T.

1971-1973 Miller Research Fellow, University of California, Berkeley

1973-1975 Assistant Professor of Mathematics, M.I.T.

1975-1979 Associate Professor of Mathematics, M.I.T.

1979-2000 Professor of Applied Mathematics, M.I.T.

1993-1996 Chair, Applied Mathematics Committee, M.I.T.

1999-2000 Academic Officer, Department of Mathematics, M.I.T.

2000-2010 Norman Levinson Professor of Applied Mathematics, M.I.T.

2010-2017 Professor of Applied Mathematics, M.I.T.

2014-present Arts and Sciences Distinguished Scholar, Univ. of Miami

2018-present Emeritus Professor of Applied Mathematics, M.I.T.


                 1978-79                 Visiting Associate Professor of Mathematics,
                                           University of California, San Diego

March, 1981 Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France

April-May, 1981 Stockholms universitet, Sweden

Jan.-June, 1986 Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Scholar, California Institute of Technology

May-June, 1990 Universität Augsburg, Germany

September, 1990 Tokai University, Japan

November, 1990 Kungliga Tekniska högskolan (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden

Jan.-May, 1992 Göran Gustafsson Professor, Kungliga Tekniska högskolan (KTH) and Institut Mittag-Leffler, Sweden

Sept. 1996-June 1997 Chern Visiting Professor, University of California at Berkeley

Sept. 1996-June 1997 General Member, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, California

Sept. 2000-June 2001 Harvard University

Jan.-June, 2005 Kungliga Tekniska högskolan (KTH) and Institut Mittag-Leffler, Sweden

Committee on the William Lowell Putnam Competition, 1983-1986 (Chair, 1985-1986)
Academy Scholar, Clay Research Academy (eight-day seminar for high school students), 2003-2005


SIAM George Pólya Prize in Applied Combinatorics, 1975
Guggenheim Fellowship, 1983-84
Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences (elected 1988)
Member, National Academy of Sciences (elected 1995)
American Mathematical Society 2001 Leroy P. Steele Prize for Mathematical Exposition
Rolf Schock Prize in Mathematics, 2003
Senior Scholar, Clay Mathematics Institute, 2004
Aisenstadt Chair, Centre de Recherches Mathématiques, Université de Montréal, 2007
Honorary Doctor of Mathematics, University of Waterloo, 2007
Honorary Professorship, Nankai University (南开大学), 2007.
Fellow, American Mathematical Society, 2013

INVITED TALKS (selected):

Jubilee Celebration of the 100th anniversary of the University of Stockholm 1978, invited hour address
American Mathematical Society annual meeting, Cincinnati, 1982, invited hour address
Conference on Combinatorics, University of Waterloo, 1982, invited series of four instructional lectures
International Congress of Mathematicians, Warsaw, 1983, invited 45 minute address in algebra
Philips Lecturer, Haverford College, 1983
Distinguished Visitor, Emory University, 1984
Japan-USA Workshop in Commutative Algebra and Combinatorics, Kyoto, Japan, 1985, invited hour address
Brauer Lecturer, University of North Carolina, 1986
First China-USA International Conference on Graph Theory and Its Applications, Jinan, China, 1986, invited plenary address
Capital City Conference on Combinatorics and Theoretical Computer Science, Washington, DC, 1989, invited series of three instructional lectures
Milliman Lecturer, University of Washington, 1990
Distinguished Visitors Lecture Series, University of Iowa, 1991
Mathematical Symposium of the Tenth Anniversary of the Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Mathematics and Statistics, invited speaker, 1994
EIDMA, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, minicourse on enumerative combinatorics, 1996
Chern Symposium, University of California at Berkeley, 1997, principal speaker
Leonidas Alaoglu Memorial Lecture in Mathematics, California Institute of Technology, 1997
Michigan State University Visiting Lecture Series, 1998
Erdös Lecturer, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1999
Stelson Lecturer, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1999
Mathematical Challenges of the 21st Century, UCLA, 2000, invited address
Hayden-Howard Lecturer, University of Kentucky, 2001
Renaissance of Combinatorics, Nankai University (南开大学), Tianjin, China, 2001, invited series of eight instructional lectures
Dean Jacqueline B. Lewis Memorial Lectures, Rutgers University, 2002
Mathematics Workshop, New Plymouth, New Zealand, 2003, two invited lectures
IAS/Park City Mathematics Institute, Graduate Summer School Lecturer, 2004
Senior Scholar Lecture, Park City, Utah, July 7, 2004
Nankai University (南开大学), Tianjin, China, 2004, invited series of six instructional lectures
Distinguished Lectures in Mathematics & Computer Science, University of Haifa, 2005
Frontier Lectures, Texas A&M University, 2005
Distinguished Lecturer, Arizona State University, 2006
Plenary speaker, International Congress of Mathematicians, Madrid, 2006
14th Leonard C. Sulski Memorial Lecture, College of the Holy Cross, 2007
Kemeny Lecture Series, Dartmouth College, 2007
Minicourse on symmetric functions, KAIST, Daejeon, Korea, 2008
Distinguished Lecturer, Drexel University, 2009
Plenary speaker, IPM 20 - Combinatorics 2009, Tehran, 2009
Series of three instructional lectures, Mathematical Society of Japan Seasonal Institute 2009 on Arrangements of Hyperplanes, Sapporo, 2009
Colloquium Lectures, American Mathematical Society, San Francisco, 2010.
Clifford Lectures, Tulane University, 2010
McKnight-Zame Distinguished Lecture, University of Miami, 2011
Distinguished Orday Visitor, University of Minnesota, 2013
Maheshwari Colloquium, SUNY at Albany, 2013
Distinguished Lecture, Georgia Southern University, 2013
Kliakhandler Lectures, Michigan Tech, 2016
Whiteman Memorial Mathematics Lectures, University of Southern California, 2018

DOCTORAL STUDENTS (and date of degree, thesis title):
  Ira Gessel 1977   Generating Functions and Enumeration of Sequences
  Emden Gansner 1978   Matrix Correspondences and the Enumeration of Plane Partitions
  Bruce Sagan 1979   Partially Ordered Sets with Hooklengths -- An Algorithmic Approach
  Paul Edelman 1980   The Zeta Polynomial of a Partially Ordered Set
  Robert Proctor 1981   Interactions Between Combinatorics, Lie Theory and Algebraic Geometry
  Jim Walker 1981   Topology and Combinatorics of Ordered Sets
  Dale Worley 1984   A Theory of Shifted Young Tableaux
  John Stembridge 1985   Combinatorial Decompositions of Characters of SL(n,C)
  Lynne Butler 1986   Combinatorial Properties of Partially Ordered Sets Associated with Partitions and Finite Abelian Groups
  Karen Collins 1986   Distance Matrices of Graphs
  Sheila Sundaram 1986   On the Combinatorics of Representations of the Symplectic Group
  Francesco Brenti 1988   Unimodal, Log-Concave and Polya Frequency Sequences in Combinatorics
  Mark Purtill 1990   André Permutations, Lexicographic Shellability, and the cd-Index of a Convex Polytope
  Victor Reiner 1990   Quotients of Coxeter Complexes and P-Partitions
  David Wagner 1990   Enumerative Combinatorics of Partially Ordered Sets, and Total Positivity of Hadamard Products
  Julian West 1990   Permutations with Forbidden Subsequences, and Stack-Sortable Permutations
  Art Duval 1991   Simplicial Posets -- f-Vectors and Free Resolutions
  Tom Roby 1991   Applications and Extensions of Fomin's Generalization of the Robinson-Schensted Correspondence to Differential Posets
  Einar Steingrímsson 1991   Permutations Statistics of Indexed and Poset Permutations
  Bo-Yin Yang (楊柏因) 1991   Two Enumeration Problems about the Aztec Diamonds
  Clara Chan 1992   On Shellings and Subdivisions of Convex Polytopes
  Gábor Hetyei 1994   Simplicial and Cubical Complexes: Analogies and Differences
  Timothy Chow 1995   Symmetric Function Generalizations of Graph Polynomials
  David Grabiner 1995 (Harvard)   Walks and Representation Theory
  Tao-Kai Lam 1995   B and D Analogues of Stable Schubert Polynomials and Related Insertion Algorithms
  Glenn Tesler 1995   Semi-Primary Lattices and Tableau Algorithms
  Christos Athanasiadis 1996   Algebraic Combinations of Graph Spectra, Subspace Arrangements and Tutte Polynomials
  Satomi Okazaki 1996   Cycle Types of Permutations with Restricted Positions and a Characterization of a New Class of Interval Orders
  Miklós Bóna 1997   Exact and Asymptotic Enumeration of Permutations with Subsequence Conditions
  Alexander Postnikov 1997   Enumeration in Algebra and Geometry
  Lewis Wolfgang 1997   Two Interactions between Combinatorics and Representation Theory: Monomial Immanants and Hochschild Cohomology
  Patricia (Tricia) Hersh 1999   Decomposition and Enumeration in Partially Ordered Sets
  Wungkum Fong (方詠琴) 2000   Triangulations and Combinatorial Properties of Convex Polytopes
  Mark Skandera 2000   Chain Polynomials and Permutation Statistics
  Benjamin Joseph 2001   The Involution Principle and h-Positive Symmetric Functions
  Federico Ardila 2003   Enumerative and Algebraic Aspects of Matroids and Hyperplane Arrangements
  Peter Clifford 2003   Algebraic and Combinatorial Properties of Minimal Border Strip Tableaux
  Caroline (Carly) Klivans 2003   Combinatorial Properties of Shifted Complexes
  Peter McNamara 2003   Edge Labellings of Partially Ordered Sets
  Edward Early 2004   Chain and Antichain Enumeration in Posets, and b-ary Partitions
  Sergi Elizalde 2004   Statistics on Pattern-Avoiding Permutations
  Cilanne Boulet 2005   Partition Identity Bijections Related to Sign-Balance and Rank
  Thomas Lam 2005   Combinatorics of Ribbon Tableaux
  Lauren Williams 2005   Combinatorial Aspects of Total Positivity
  Bridget Tenner 2006   The Combinatorics of Reduced Decompositions
  Fu Liu (刘拂) 2006   Contributions to the Theory of Ehrhart Polynomials
  Jason Burns 2007   The Number of Degree Sequences of Graphs
  Pavlo Pylyavskyy 2007   Comparing Products of Schur Functions and Quasisymmetric Functions
  Denis Chebikin 2008   Polytopes, Generating Functions, and New Statistics Related to Descents and Inversions in Permutations
  Jingbin Yin (殷婧彬) 2009   A q-Analogue of Spanning Trees: Nilpotent Transformations over Finite Fields.
  Camillia (Cammie) Smith 2009 (Harvard)   Enumeration of the Distinct Shuffles of Permutations
  Karola Mészáros 2010   Root Polytopes, Triangulations, and Subdivision Algebras
  Hoda Bidkhori 2010   Classification and Enumeration of Special Classes of Posets and Polytopes
  Greta Panova 2011 (Harvard)   Combinatorial Applications of Symmetric Function Theory to Certain Classes of Permutations and Truncated Tableaux
  Steven Sam 2012   Free Resolutions, Combinatorics, and Geometry
  Nan Li (李楠) 2013   Combinatorial Aspects of Polytope Slices
  Yan Zhang (张研) 2013   Adinkras for Mathematicians
  Taedong Yun 2013   Diagrams of Affine Permutations and Their Labellings
  Benjamin Iriarte 2015   Combinatorics of Acyclic Orientations of Graphs: Algebra, Geometry, and Probability
  Efrat Engel 2016   Antichains of Interval Orders and Semiorders, and Dilworth Lattices of Maximum Size Antichains