Po-Ru Loh


My website has moved!

New page: www.hsph.harvard.edu/po-ru-loh/

As of June 2013, I have started a postdoc in statistical medical genetics with Alkes Price at the Harvard School of Public Health will no longer be updating this page.

Previous content:

I was a PhD student in Applied Mathematics at MIT, where I studied computational biology in Bonnie Berger's group at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL).

My work broadly seeks to use mathematical and computational techniques to understand large-scale genomic datasets. Specific research directions include genomic data compression and its ramifications for algorithmic speedup, statistical inference applied to population admixture and protein network inference, and phenotype prediction from gene expression and genotype data.

I have also done research in random matrix theory with Alan Edelman, computational electromagnetism with Steven Johnson, and computational geometry with Erik Demaine.

I was an undergraduate student at Caltech, where I studied primarily pure mathematics. I enjoy problem-solving contests in mathematics and computer science and have been active in the USA Math Olympiad Program and the TopCoder community.