Miniature Seminar on Factorization Homology

Organizers: Araminta Gwynne and Peter Haine

Seminar goal: Develop the basics of factorization homology and work through David Ayala and John Francis' proof of Poincaré/Koszul duality.

Time: Generally 3 to 5pm on Tuesdays with a break for cookies at 3:50. (Note that the first talk is on a Friday.)

Location: 2-449 (but the first two talks are in other locations).

Format: Talks will be two hours. In the first hour the speaker will motivate the results and provide relevant background. In the second hour the speaker will go into the technical details of the proofs of the results presented in the first hour.


  1. Friday, February 8, 2019: How and why to use factorization homology
  2. Tuesday, February 12, 2019: Nonabelian Poincaré duality
  3. Tuesday, February 19, 2019: Koszul Duality & Zero Pointed Manifolds
  4. Tuesday, February 26, 2019: Background on Goodwillie Calculus & the Goodwillie Filtration
  5. Friday, March 8, 2019: The Cardinality Filtration & the Ran Space
  6. Tuesday, March 12, 2019: Proof of Poincaré/Koszul Duality


  1. David Ayala and John Francis, Factorization homology of topological manifolds.
  2.                      Poincaré/Koszul Duality.
  3.                     , Zero-pointed manifolds.
  4. David Ayala, John Francis, and Nick Rozenblyum, Factorization Homology I: Higher Categories.
  5. Nilay Kumar, Notes for John Francis' course on factorization homology.
  6. Jacob Lurie, Coursenotes for "Tamagawa Numbers via Nonabelian Poincaré Duality".
  7.                     , Higher Algebra, §5.5.