Peter Steven Ozsváth

Department of Mathematics

office: 2-341

This semester, I am teaching Algebraic Topology.

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Symplectic geometry/low-dimensional topology seminar homepage

Computational resources

  • Baldwin and Gillam's HFK program

  • Bar Natan's Knot atlas

  • Culler's gridlink

  • Livingston's knotinfo

  • Transverse knots

    Expository papers

  • Introduction to Heegaard Floer homology

  • Lectures on Heegaard Floer homology

  • Heegaard diagrams and holomorphic disks

    Useful (for me) links

  • Academic calendar at MIT.

    Personal links

  • My sister Kathleen.

  • My Mom.

  • My Dad.


  • Shevi Sperber and I

  • Elizabeth and Gary Bernardini .

  • Eliana Moriel, Nina Margaret, and Tamar Clara Ozsváth.