18.06. Linear Algebra.

Fall 2021, MWF 11:00-12:00 in 54-100.

All announcements and course materials will be posted on the 18.06 Canvas page.
Below you will find some key information and useful links.

Prerequisite: Calculus II (GIR) .

Instructor: Nike Sun (nsun at ##).
Course administrator (head TA): Kaavya Valiveti (kaavyav at ##).
Recitation leaders: Jeffery Li (jeli at ##), Matthew Nicoletti (mnicolet at ##), Zhiyu Zhang (zzyzhang at ##).
## = mit dot edu.
For course-related inquiries, please email your recitation leader or 1806 at math dot mit dot edu.
All office hours will be announced on Canvas (see the calendar).

G. Strang, Introduction to Linear Algebra, 5th ed. Wellesley-Cambridge Press. ISBN 978-0-9802327-7-6.

Additional references (recommended):
MIT OCW has the recorded lectures from Prof. Strang's 18.06 course in spring 2010.
Links to other recent 18.06 classes can be found here.
3Blue1Brown has linear algebra visualizations.
G. Strang, Linear Algebra and Learning from Data. Wellesley-Cambridge Press. ISBN 978-0-692-19638-0.

Homework 50%, three in-class midterms 30%, final exam 20%.
For the full grading policy, please see the syllabus on Canvas.

10/04 (Monday) exam 1 in class.
11/08 (Monday) exam 2 in class.
12/03 (Friday) exam 3 in class.
There will be a final exam, at the time slot determined by the registrar.

Math resources: problem set partners, Math Learning Center.
General MIT resources: S3, TSR2, DAS.