Books on Wavelets in Physics


Coherent States, Wavelets and Their Generalizations, by S. T. Ali, J.P. Antoine and J.P. Gazeau.


Wavelets in Physics, edited by J. C. van den Berg.


Lois d'échelle, fractales et ondelettes (Volume 1 and Volume 2), edited by P. Abry, P. Gonçalvès et J. Lévy Véhel, (Hermès 2002). These two volumes are a collection of research articles written in french.

Along with theoretical foundations about (multi)-fractal processes among which self-similar processes, iterated function systems, locally self-similar fields and fractional calculus, this work reviews some wavelet- based practical methods to unravel and characterize self-similar and multifractal behaviors. Methods like Abry-Veitch method for computing the Hurst exponent or several methods to compute the multifractal spectrum are presented. Some applications are also discussed (stock-market, computer-network traffic, ...). [Review by Christophe Cloquet]


Ondelettes, multifractales et turbulence, De l'ADN aux croissances cristallines, edited by A. Arnéodo, F. Argoul, E. Bacry, J. Elezgaray and J. Muzy (Diderot, 1995). Book in french, out of print.


Ondelettes et Turbulences, by P. Abry (Diderot, 1997). Book in french, out of print.


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