Workshop in symplectic geometry

Workshop in symplectic geometry, January 2016

Tentative schedule (precise times to be decided)

Participants should plan to arrive to the Kerlerac house sometime on Monday 1/18/16 and depart on the morning of Sunday 1/24/16

Day 1 (Tuesday 1/19/16)
  • Overview of the topic
  • Sasha: Weinstein structures
  • Laura: Dehn twists
  • Catherine: Lefschetz fibrations and open books
  • Cedric: Introduction to Legendrian contact homology

    Day 2 (Wednesday 1/20/16)
  • Dani: Legendrian fronts and Legendrian contact homology
  • Morgan: Symplectic cohomology I
  • Umut: An diagrams
  • Nati: Lagrangian Floer theory and the Dehn twist long exact sequence
  • Jingyu: The Fukaya category of the An Milnor fiber

    Day 3 (Thursday 1/21/16)
  • Sander: Loose Legendrians and flexible Weinstein manifolds
  • Roger: A Dictionary for Lefschetz bifibrations and Legendrian fronts I
  • Roberta: Wrapped Floer cohomology

    Day 4 (Friday 1/22/16)
  • Rob: Symplectic cohomology II
  • Zack: The Bourgeois-Ekholm-Eliashberg Legendrian surgery formula
  • Sheel: Symplectic cohomology and wrapped Floer cohomology in the context of Lefschetz fibrations
  • Oleg: Maydanskiy-Seidel vanishing result for symplectic cohomology
  • Ailsa: Abouzaid-Seidel constructions of exotic symplectic manifolds

    Day 5 (Saturday 1/23/16)
  • Kyler: Subflexible Weinstein manifolds
  • Kevin: Legendrian contact homology in the boundary of a subcritical Weinstein 4-manifold
  • Emmy: A Dictionary for Lefschetz bifibrations and Legendrian fronts II
  • Open questions and future directions