About Me

Hello, my name is James Hirst. I am a PhD student in (Applied) Math at MIT.

Research Interests

Broadly, my research interests lie somewhere in the intersection of extremal combinatorics and theoretical computer science. More precisely, I am interested in sparse random graphs, graph limits, combinatorial statistics, high dimensional probability and flag algebras. My current research is focused on applying information-theoretic lower bounds for sparse random models to graph limit theory.


  1. James Hirst. Optimal couplings between sparse block models. Submitted, 2019.

  2. James Hirst. The Inducibility of Graphs on Four Vertices. Journal of Graph Theory, 75(3):231-342, 2014.

  3. Hamed Hatami, James Hirst, Serguei Norine. The Inducibility of Blowup Graphs. Journal of Combinatorial Theory B, 109:196-212, 2014.

  4. Hamed Hatami, Pooya Hatami, James Hirst. Limits of Boolean Functions on F_p^n. The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, 21(4):#P4.2.

Previous Education

MSc Computer Science
McGill University
Masters Thesis: Limits of Boolean Functions over Finite Fields
Advisor: Hamed Hatami

BSc Computer Science
McGill University
GPA: 4.00


j nospace hirst at mit dot edu