Photo Credits: Jimin Yoon

Jae Hee Lee

Department of Mathematics

MIT 2-340b

E-mail address: jaehelee at mit dot edu (this is not a typo, the username is missing the last 'e' from my first name)

Hello! I am a third year graduate student at MIT. I'm interested in symplectic topology, or more broadly in mathematics near the interface between mathematics and physics. I am fortunate to be advised by Paul Seidel.

My Curriculum Vitae. (Last Update: Feb 2023)


Flat endomorphisms of mod p equivariant quantum connections from quantum Steenrod operations, arXiv preprint.

Double Ramification Contact Homology.

For my undergraduate honors thesis, I worked on a modification of contact homology (as defined by Eliashberg--Givental--Hofer) that incorporates the Hodge classes from the moduli space of stable curves. The construction is motivated by quantum integrable hierarchies known as the double ramification hierarchy, as studied by Buryak--Rossi.

Seminars and Workshops

In Summer 2023, I am co-organizing Kylerec 2023. This year's topic is applications of mirror symmetry to symplectomorphisms.

Applications are now open for Kylerec 2023!

In Summer 2022, I co-organized Kylerec 2022. The topic was quantitative symplectic geometry.

In Spring 2022, I co-organized a Reading group on Ganatra--Pardon--Shende I, II with Zihong Chen.


In Spring 2022, I led recitations for 18.02: Multivariate Differential and Integral Calculus.

Expository Notes

These are some expository notes I have written. I would greatly appreciate if you could let me know of anything incorrect or misleading.

Atiyah--Bott localization theorem UChicago REU 2019

String Topology MIT Kan Seminar IAP 2021

Brief Intro to Spectra MIT Informal Symplectic Seminar 2021

Quantization of free field theories, following Costello--Gwilliam MIT Juvitop Fall 2021