Topological quantum field theories

Principal faculty advisor: Haynes Miller, MIT

Palestinian faculty advisors:
Professor Reema Sbeih, Birzeit University
Professor Mohammad Adam, Palestinian Polytechnic Institute

The field theory of physics, when abstracted and generalized beyond recognition, leads to a family of ways to assign algebraic invariants to manifolds. In the case of surfaces this is mediated by the algebraic structure given by commutative Frobenius algebra. This project will seek to classify low dimensional examples, reconstruct a Frobenius algebra from its partition function, and work out relative and other versions of this theory.
There is a report about this on the Birzeit University news feed,.

Husameddin Badarin, Palestinian Polytechnic University
Mohamed Damaj, Birzeit University
Kim Eppling, MIT

top row: Kim Eppling, Haynes Miller
bottom row: Husameddin Badarin, Mohammad Damaj

This project led on to a solo project carried out by Honglin Zhu (MIT), resulting in the paper The Hermitian axiom on two dimensional topological quantum field theories.