Homology of commutative monoids

Principal faculty advisor: Haynes Miller, MIT

Palestinian faculty advisor: Professor Mohammad Saleh, Birzeit University

The Quillen homology of commutative monoids has been attacked as a separate study (by Grillet, Kurdiani and Pirashvili, and others), only loosely related to the Quillen homology theories for other types of algebraic systems. It turns out however to be subsumed by the theory for graded commutative algebras. Grillet's theory is an example of the graded case of Harrison cohomology.

Nasief Khlaif, Birzeit University
Bhavya Agrawalla, MIT

top row: Bhavya Agrawalla, Haynes Miller
bottom row: Nasief Khlaif

Publication: Bhavya Agrawalla, Nasief Khlaif, and Haynes Miller, "Harrison homology and the Quillen homology of commutative monoids," arXiv:2211.01536.