MIT-Palestine collaborative student research

Under a grant from J-WEL Higher Education along with CoPIs Munther Daleh and Franz Ulm, I am organizing collaborative student research projects with students and faculty from Palestine. Here are several projects in mathematics.
  • Topological quantum field theories (Summer 2021).
  • Quillen cohomology (Fall 2021).
  • Cohomology of commutative monoids (Spring 2022).
  • Cohomology of alternative algebras (Spring 2022).
  • Generalizations of prime ideals (Fall 2021--Spring 2022, led by Prof Khalid Adarbeh of An-Najah National University).
  • A Markov process (Spring 2022).

    In addition, Prof Yousef Najajreh (Al-Quds University) has been working with Professors Connor Coley (MIT), David Graff (Harvard), and Ho Leung Ng (Kansas State University) to set up a student research project on machine learning in drug discovery, with support from Prof Ahmed Bassalat (An-Najah National University).

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