Sigurdur Helgason's Curriculum Vitae

Born 30. September 1927, Akureyri, Iceland.
Entered USA 1. August l956 on Immigration Visa (Type T-1).


One of my hobbies is photography so some photos are included here.


Leaves from MIT:


  1. Gold Medal l951, University of Copenhagen, for an answer to the Mathematical Prize problem of the University. (To establish a Nevanlinna-type value distribution theory for Dirichlet series.) Incorporated in Paper No.59.
  2. Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Iceland, l986, University of Copenhagen, 1988, University of Uppsala, 1996.
  3. Børge Jessen Diplom. Award by the Danish Math. Society, Sept. l982.
  4. Steele Prize, American Mathematical Society 1988.
  5. Major Knights Cross of the Icelandic Falcon 1991. (Stórriddarakross)
  6. Fourier and Radon Transformations on Symmetric Spaces. Conference in honor of S. Helgason's 65 th birthday. Roskilde 1992.
  7. Honorary member of the Icelandic Mathematical Society, 1997.
  8. International Conference on Integral Geometry, Harmonic Analysis and Representation Theory, 2007. In honor of S. Helgason's 80th birthday, Reykjavik, 2007.


  1. Fulbright grant l952; Proctor Fellowship, Princeton University l953-54; Guggenheim Fellowship 1964-1965.
  2. Member, Icelandic Academy of Sciences, l960.
  3. Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, l970.
  4. Member, Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, l972.
  5. First Graduate Student Award for Teaching, MIT, 1975.
  6. Langvad Cultural Exchange Lectures, University of Copenhagen, June, l982.

Invitations and guest lectures (selections):

  1. US participant in US-Japan Seminar in Differential Geometry, Kyoto, Japan l965.
  2. Principal lecturer on "Lie Groups and Symmetric Spaces" at Battelle Rencontres, l967.
  3. Invited lecture at International Mathematical Congress, Nice 1970.
  4. Invited lectures in the American Mathematical Society:
    1. Hour lecture, Summer Meeting, Boulder l963.
    2. Hour lecture, Annual Meeting, Washington l975.
    3. Five lectures at AMS Summer Institute, Williamstown, l972.
    4. Short course on Computed Tomography, Cincinnati, l982.
  5. Invited hour lectures at the Scandinavian Mathematical Congresses; Oslo l968, Götaborg l972, Aarhus 1980, Reykjavik, 1984.
  6. Series of 8 invited lectures at the University of Paris, l968.
  7. US representative and guest lecturer at the Danish Mathematical Society Centennial l973.
  8. Lecture series at Summer Schools: Seattle l967, ETH, Zürich l969, Montecatini l970, Paris l97l, Dartmouth l971, Boca-Raton l 972, Williamstown l972, Varenna l975, Montreal 1976, Oxford 1977, Reykjavik 1977, Cortona 1978, Montreal 1980, Aarhus 1980, Milano 1982, Blaubeuren 1990.
  9. MIT representative and guest lecturer at Technical University of Berlin Centennial (and 150th anniversary of the birth of Christoffel) Berlin l979.
  10. US representatative and guest lecturer at Centennial celebration of the Mathematics Seminar of the Karl Marx University of Leipzig, Leipzig l981.
  11. Invited lecture at Lyon Conference l984 on "The Mathematical Heritage of Élie Cartan".
  12. Harish-Chandra Memorial Conference, Princeton, 1984. "Operational properties of the Radon transform".
  13. Invited lecture at Harald Bohr Centennial Conference, Copenhagen, April 1987.
  14. Mathematische Gesellschaft Hamburg. 300 years anniversary 1990. Lecture on "Geometric and Analytic Properties of the Radon transform".
  15. Conference on occasion of Rolf Sulanke's 60 th birthday. Berlin, May 1990.
  16. Principal lecturer LMFK Scandinavian Congress, Reykjavík, June 1990.
  17. Leifur Ásgeirsson Memorial Conference, Reykjavík, Oct. 1990.
  18. Distinguished Lecture Series, Louisiana State University Oct. 29 - Nov. 1, 1991.
  19. Conference in Oslo for 150 th anniversary of the birth of Sophus Lie, August 1992.
  20. Conference on occasion of the 75 th anniversary of Radon's paper, September 1992.
  21. 2nd Gauss Symposium, München, August 1993.
  22. International Conference on Group Representations and Automorphic Forms, Edinburgh, 3 lectures, March 1996.
  23. International Conference on Analysis on Lie Groups and Partial Differential Equations, Edinburgh , June 1999.
  24. Conference in Leipzig: 100 years after Sophus Lie. July 1999.
  25. Bolyai Memorial Conference, Budapest July 2002.
  26. Norbert Wiener Lectures, Tufts University, October 2004.
  27. Invited hour lecture at the Franco-Nordic Mathematical Congress, Reykjavik, Jan. 2005.
  28. Invited plenary lecture at International Conference on Integral Geometry, Harmonic Analysis and Representation Theory. Reykjavik 2007.
  29. Invited hour lecture on Eigenspace Representations at Annual Meeting of AMS, New Orleans 2011.