18.304: Undergraduate Seminar in Discrete Mathematics (Spring 2014)

Possible topics


Schedule of Speakers and Topics:
February 7: Jacob Fox, (example board talk) The probabilistic method.
February 10: Lydia Krasilnikova, Djikstra's algorithm.
February 12: Jacob Fox, (example slide talk) Szemeredi's regularity lemma.
February 14: Laura Zhang, Card Shuffling.
February 18: Abdulhamid Hamir, The independence number of triangle-free graphs.
February 19: Yuqi Zhu, The Friendship Theorem.
February 21: Paul Syta, The Art Gallery Problem and the Fortress Problem.
February 24: Haozhi (Jeff) Lin, Generating Functions and Stirling Numbers of the Second Kind.
February 26: Lena Ziskin, Tiling Rectangles.
February 28: Austin Hays, Three famous theorems on finite sets.
March 3: Christine Rogers, Cayley's Formula for the number of trees.
March 5: Abdulhamid Hamir, 5-list-coloring planar graphs.
March 7: Ian Chan, Completing Latin Squares.
March 10: Irene Chen, Bertrand's Postulate.
March 12: Yuqi Zhu, Random Walks on Expanders.
March 14: Siyao Xu.
March 17: Austin Hays.
March 19: Haozhi (Jeff) Lin.
March 21: Ian Chan.
March 31: Paul Syta.
April 2: Lydia Krasilnikova.
April 4: Lena Ziskin.
April 7: Albert Wu.
April 9: Christine Rogers.
April 11: Laura Zhang.
April 14: Siyao Xu.
April 16: Irene Chen.
April 18:
April 23:
April 25:
April 28:
April 30:
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