18.S096 Game Theory : Fall 2017

Professor: Elchanan Mossel.

Lectures: MW 9:30-11:00 (2-131)

Office hours: M 11-12

Grader: Frederic Koehler

Topics: The course will provide an introduction to a number of areas in game theory, including: auctions, voting, Nash equilbria, zero-sum games, matchings, combinatorial games.

Text: Game Theory Alive by Anna Karlin and Yuval Peres. There is an online copy here .

Prerequisites: Basic courses in Probability (18.600 or equivalent) and Linear Algebra (18.06 or equivalent).

Attendance: Attendance in all lectures is mandatory. It is required for a passing grade.

Homework and Quizzes: Students will be assigned weekly PSETS and weekly in class quizzes.

Inclass midterms: Oct 11, Nov 8, Dec 6 (Tentative dates).

Note: This is a 12-unit (ABC... graded) class.