WKB approximation to quasi-normal modes

This page contains codes and data for WKB approximation to quasi-normal modes for slowly rotating Kerr and Kerr–de Sitter black holes. The codes were written by Semyon Dyatlov; see the paper "Asymptotic distribution of quasi-normal modes for Kerr–de Sitter black holes" for more information.

MATLAB codes; see info.txt

Data for
M = 1, Λ = 0, a = 0 .. 0.25 with step 10-3,
N = 1 .. 4 (degree of WKB approximation),
n = 1 .. 2 (depth of the resonance, denoted by m in the paper),
l = 1 .. 7 (the analogue of the index of spherical harmonic),
l/2 ≤ |m| ≤ l (the angular momentum, denoted by k in the paper; mm in the filenames corresponds to negative m).

The format of the tables is the same as here:

a Re(ω) Im(ω) Re(λ) Im(λ)
Here ω is the QNM and λ is the separation constant.