David Spivak

Research scientist
Department of Mathematics

Email: dspivak--math/mit/edu

My research:

Derived Smooth Manifolds. The category of derived manifolds contains arbitrary intersections of manifolds, even if they are not transverse, while retaining enough structure so that every compact derived manifold has a fundamental class in cobordism. This work was published in Duke Mathematical Journal, May 2010.

PhD dissertation. The above is a reworking of my PhD dissertation (from UC Berkeley, 2007). It is more linearly ordered, detailed, and abstruse than the Duke version.

Slides. Here is a slide talk I gave on the subject in Vancouver, BC.

Some related research:

Dominic Joyce Algebraic Geometry over C-infinity rings.

D. Borisov and J. Noel Simplicial approach to derived differential manifolds.

Jacob Lurie Derived algebraic Geometry V.

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