Some previously taught courses and seminar announcements:

In Spring 2014 I was teaching 18.735 "Topics in algebra: canonical bases and representation categories" and co-organizing the MIT/Northeastern graduate seminar in representiation theory.

Spring 2015 course 18.726, second semester of algebraic geometry.

Spring 2010 and Spring 2012 courses on Noncommutative algebra

The poster and the schedule for the workshop "Geometry of derived categories and representation theory held at Northeastern University in May 2012. The longer version of the schedule features abstracts for some of the talks.

Fall 2008 course on D-modules.

Course 18.747, "Infinite dimensional Lie algebras", spring 06.

Course on D-modules, fall 06.

Course on homological algebra, fall 05.

Seminar "Mirror symmetry and Representation Theory", spring 06.

Course 18.745, Introduction to Lie algebras, fall 2012.

Course 18.737, Algebraic Groups, spring 2013.