Ashwin Narayan

I am currently a fifth-year graduate student in the mathematics department at MIT. I work with Bonnie Berger at the intersection of mathematics and biology. My goal is to develop algorithms to gain insight from high-dimensional biological datasets.

For the 2020 election, I took a leave of absence from MIT to work at the voter-education startup BallotReady as an Analytics Engineer, connecting customers to user data pipelines for get-out-the-vote efforts

Before coming to MIT, I was an undergraduate math and physics major at Williams College. I wrote my undergraduate thesis with Bill Wootters in theoretical physics.

Playing in the snow

Current Interests

Right now, my main focus is on dimensionality reduction of high-dimensional datasets. Biologically, I have primarily been working with single-cell RNA-sequencing datasets.

Recently, I have also been interested in science policy related to machine learning, especially examining its impact in the social sciences and on privacy.


Unless otherwise noted, authorship order follows the computational biology convention where order indicates level of contribution.

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Reach me via email at [first name][last initial] AT mit DOT edu