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Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Address: Room 2-383, M.I.T., Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139, USA
Phone: (617) 253-4345
Fax: (617) 253-4358
Email: apm@math.mit.edu or mattuck@mit.edu


Introduction to Analysis, Prentice-Hall, 1999

This is a 470-page book now available in a paperback edition from Amazon, or from the publisher, CreateSpace, for $15 or less.

Teaching Manual:

The Torch or the Firehose: A Guide to Section Teaching, 2nd.edition, 1995

This 60-page pamphlet is available for anyone to read or download, either as a whole, or choosing specific sections, at the MIT OpenCourseWare website The Torch or the Firehose. A German translation (with some adaptation) is available at this website, and permission is being sought to post an existing Spanish translation. There is also a Chinese translation.

The manual is also posted on a Teaching and Learning Laboratory website in a double-page format, at The Torch or the Firehose.


18.100A Introduction to Analysis (General description) Introduction to Analysis

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