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Hesi is a student journal edited by students in Department of Mathematical Sciences, Tsinghua University. The first issue was published on April, 2008. In general one issue of the jounal is published each half year or a year. Also there will be a special issue each year consisting some undergraduate thesis of the students.

Hesi in Chinese means "Thoughts from Lotus Pond".

The articles of Hesi are all collected by students. There are many different types of articles in the journal:
  1. Discussion of some interesting problems in class,
  2. Translation of very nice talks or articles in English,
  3. Record of interviews and talks with mathematicians,
  4. etc...

Collection of Issues

Here are all the issues I collect. Most of the articles are written in Chinese.
  1. 2008 Issue 1 Issue 2
  2. 2009 Issue 3 Issue 4 Thesis Special
  3. 2010 Issue 5 Issue 6 Thesis Special
  4. 2011 Issue 7 Issue 8 Thesis Special
  5. 2012 Issue 9 Thesis Special
  6. 2013 Issue 10 Thesis Special
  7. 2014 Issue 11 Thesis Special
  8. 2016 Issue 12
  9. 2017 Issue 13

"What we do may be small, but it has a certain character of permanence." by G.H.Hardy. This quote appears in each issue's back cover.