Student seminar in topology

Spring 2002

Date: Tuesdays 4:00-5:00PM
Room 2-151

  • February 12th
  • February 19th
    no seminar -- classes on Monday schedule!
  • February 26th
    Nora Ganter
    The Witten Genus      Abstract
  • March 5th
    Robert Kleinberg
    Two proofs of the Freudenthal Suspension Theorem
  • March 12th
    Viorel Costeanu
    Infinite loop spaces      Abstract
  • March 19th
    Kari Ragnarsson
    The Bauer-Biss conspiracy      Abstract
  • March 26th
    No seminar -- spring break
  • April 2nd
    Chris Douglas
    The Topology of Rational Elliptic Surfaces       Abstract
  • April 9th
    Daniel Biss
    Vassiliev invariants       Abstract
  • April 16th
    No seminar -- holiday
  • April 23rd
    Andrew Brooke-Taylor
    The square root problem for topological spaces       Abstract
  • April 30th
    Benoit Charbonneau
    How not to prove the Poincare conjecture       Abstract
  • May 7th
    Donald Yau
    Unstable operations in generalized cohomology       Abstract
  • May 14th
    Hugh Robinson

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