Creating a Course Website

The Department of Mathematics has multiple solutions for course websites.

Faculty can request to have their course websites created and maintained by the department, or they can choose to do so themselves. If you would like to use a template for your website, you have two to choose from. One is an html and css based template you can modify to your needs, and the other is the MIT course management system Stellar.

Department Template

The Department template is written solely in html and css. You can use it as a starting point and it should be modified to contain all your class information. The html, css, and jpeg files necessary to create this page can be found in this zip file. If you need assistance in setting up or converting an existing website to this template, contact .

The Department template does not provide gradebook functionality, but one can still be created through Stellar and used in conjunction with this template. Once you have completed editing your html files you should place them in a designated classes directory. You will need to set up your permissions by contacting .

Stellar Website

Faculty who wish to use the MIT course management system can request a Stellar course site. This content management system does not require any html knowledge and provides a gradebook functionality. If you need additional help setting up or maintaining this site please contact .