Fall 2018

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Date Speaker Title
Sep. 7 Peter Haine On Hochster's Stone Duality
Sep. 14 Ao Sun Scalar curvature and Positive Mass Theorem
Sep. 21 Yu Zhao The Hilbert Schemes of points on C^2
Sep. 28 Christian Gaetz Combinatorial applications of the Hard-Lefschetz
Theorem and Hodge-Riemann relations
Oct. 12 Jonathon Tidor Graph property testing
Oct. 19 Chris Ryba Wild representation type and how to deal with it
Oct. 26 Andy Senger (Non-)immersions of real projective spaces
Nov. 2 Hong Wang About Falconer distance problem in the plane
Nov. 9 Robin Elliott Topological Quantum Field Theories and
the Cobordism Hypothesis
Nov. 16 Paul Gallagher Nodal sets and domains of Laplace eigenfunctions
Nov. 30 Tim Large Picard-Lefschetz Theory
Dec. 7 Sahana Vasudevan Hamiltonian diffeomorphism groups
Dec. 14 Everyone Charades